Renegade Camps: Music Festivals Underground Scene

I recently had a moment of clarity after several days and long nights at the Hulaween Music Festival in Live Oak, Fla. It was the wee hours of the morning and I was heading in for the night after leaving the “renegade camps.” What I had just experienced I’d seen before. But each time, they leave me rushing with emotions.

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Hulaween 2019

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Hulaween 2019 Tips & Tricks

Suwannee Hulaween Main Stage
Hulaween at night photo credit “Festival Squad”

Suwannee Music Festivals bring lots of first-time festival attendees, out of towners and many from out of state. This little article is to help those unfamiliar with the ways of the Florida woods. It is a collaborative effort between Jake Pugh, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Catoma and myself. Suwannee Hulaween will provide you with memories to last a lifetime, and if you follow the advice below hopefully they are all positive ones that you are taking home! This is not an exhaustive list, so chime in in the comments if you have other safety/logistical tips!

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For the Love of Lockn

            The 2019 Lockn Music Festival was a music lovers dream, filled with original jams by people who have never played publicly together. The music was seamless, tight and bursting with standout moments that are almost certain to never be repeated. Truly, if you were there, you were part of music history. I heard from many naysayers, who did not attend,  that felt as if a music festival the caliber of Lockn needed “bigger names” “headliners” if you will. To them, I would say, “let the music do the talking it will help you out.” Music festivals are an experience, not just a lineup. Trust the process, believe in the art, and no matter what “we’re all here together in a spirit family.”

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“Suwannee Rising” Music Festival: Bringing on the Funk!

The Mushroom Stage at Suwannee Music Park

Suwannee Rising, the newest festival at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (www.musicliveshere.com), debuted with a magical feel and an undeniable vibe. The festival, held April 4-6, 2019, consisted of 23 bands over three days on two stages. Approximately 3,000 people made the trek to Live Oak, Fla., for Rising’s inaugural year—an impressive number for a festival put together in a short amount of time.

Rising staff did a remarkable job of executing the entire production, leaving it easy to believe attendance will grow significantly in the coming years. Music lovers will welcome this addition to the Spring lineup with open arms.

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