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1.0 ers Raging in a 3.0 World

Phish Fans

But if you learn anything about Phish – nothing is as basic as it seems. In true Phish over-the-top style, we, the fans, must make it into much, much more than that. For some, their title serves as a badge and they are proud of it. Others you’ll hear sound slightly squeamish and uncomfortable to profess they are a 3.0 kid.

Phish Fans Are Friendly—Until the Tarps Come Out to Save Seats Tempers flare when concert-goers claim whole rows of choice space by throwing giant plastic covers over them. ‘I could not stop thinking—who are “we?”’

“I could not stop thinking—who are “we?” what have “we” become? Is this the new idea of family?” wrote blogger Grateful Momma Bear

Phish: Big Cypress the Ultimate Music Curveball

Yes, I am still licking my Curveball wounds like a batter in the bottom of the 9th beamed by the ball and unable to play in the World Series but we will move forward, together. I always say, if you d

An Evening with Bella Anastasio: An Inside Look at Phish and Her Life

my dad was asked to participate in the Grateful Dead’s ‘Fare Thee Well’ tour [replacing Jerry Garcia in the reunion shows], he was ecstatic!


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