“Saved by Rock ‘n’ Roll Music”

Heeey!! Come explore my love of music and adventure in my Live Music Reviews and Live Music Photography all experienced and expressed by me. Music, live music specifically, has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. It is the driving force that has led me to once in a lifetime experiences and introduced me to some of my closest friends. This website tells the story that music has written in my life. My passion for live music is something I share with my children and friends, follow along our adventures to destinations unknown. I design funky music merchandise available at GMB Designs. Custom clothing orders and writing collaborations are my favorite!! so – “hit me up” and lets connect! I truly believe you get out of the world what you put in, so be the change! Talk is easy, action is everything on the Soul Planet.

   “We’re all in this together” – Phish

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About Me:

Michelle M. Leigh is a free-spirited Mother of two who vehemently believes in embracing each day and being the change in the world. She lives for adventures with her children, husband and traveling to as many shows as she can fit into her schedule. A self-professed, lifelong music junkie, she enjoys a wide variety of music and sharing that passion with others, especially her kids. Her written work has been published in Jambase, Live for Live Music, NY State Music, Scary Mommy, and The Mighty to name a few.  You can find her band merchandise at Phanart, Phish Lot or online and peruse the site to check out her latest live music reviews and live music photography.


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