Music Festivals with Kids

People love to debate on if children belong at festivals or not. Personally, I have taken both of my kids countless times and have never regretted it. I have however learned MANY handy things along the way. Below are a series of tips, some of which I utilize at all shows, not just festivals.

Festival 101 with Little Ragers

**Your children will not care about every song like you do, you cannot expect them to. Bring them things that THEY want to play with and make sure they are items that can be lost. I promise, something will be lost.**

Music Festival must haves- 

My packing list:
*Wagon (this is for my sanity– trust me, bring the wagon) Look at the picture below for additional reasons and a good laugh
*I use the little popup tent pictured above for shade and sleeping in the show areas. It is UVA / UVB. I clip a camping fan inside to help keep the kids cool and lay a cheap blanket down inside. I also like to have cheap LED lights that I can clip along the outside at night so its easy for other people to spot and avoid.
*Bubbles. ALWAYS bring bubbles. Lots. And Lots. Of bubbles. I also bring a bubble machine, it attracts other children for mine to play with and gives the parents a break, me included.
*Hula Hoops, cards, little games can all be great and cheap. Think Dollar Store or Five Below if you have one
*Snacks that don’t go bad super fast. Granola, baby carrots, nuts, rice cakes. If you have a small soft sided cooler make a sandwich ahead of time, pack an apple, watermelon
*An insulated water bottle. Its a life saver. Fill it with ice before you leave camp
*They make temporary tattoos that you can write your phone number on in case you become separated. You can find them on Etsy.
*Noise Cancelling Headphones
*A hat
*Baby Wipes – more than what seems reasonable
*Sunscreen – reapply often. I buy a couple of the travel size so I am not hauling a big thing around
*A plastic bag or 2. 1 for trash and 1 for who knows what you might need 🙂 ahhhh parenting
*Extra clothes – you never know……. see note above
*At night I put glow sticks on my son so I can see him easily and wear some so he can see me easily. No panic moments. Yes, I know, they are not great for the environment. They do make biodegradable ones. You can find them on Amazon for fairly cheap. You can also make them into a fun game and meet new friends………….

**Remember if your kids are having fun and able to enjoy, relax and appreciate what is going on – you will have a much better time and so will they**

I always love to hear your thoughts!

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