Brainquility : Fully Immersed

Brainquility is methodically approached and organized by OnTapMedia as a large-scale festival.  The attention to detail ensures quality and an entertaining festival experience without the hassles or cost of larger events. Yet, it is intimate and prides itself on being a fully immersive art experience. It is a festival for the senses and the location only further solidifies the magic.  The festival will take place February 6-8 at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.

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1.0 ers Raging in a 3.0 World

Phish Fans

For those unfamiliar with the Phish world let me begin with a little background, we are a fickle group to say the least. There are Phish archives that keep a record of every show ever played, the length of each song, the frequency it is played, and how long it has been since the last time it was played. We have hundreds of Phish groups on Facebook – singles groups, mom groups, pet groups, girl only and basically any group you can think of. Countless Instagram accounts dedicated to making Phish memes, Phish apps, JEMP radio, Phanart, Podcasts, and hundreds if not thousands of Etsy shops. Recently, someone even took the time to make this video Data Drive – YouTube. You can see which songs were played the most frequently by year and to date overall.

Made by Connor from Heady_net professes he’s a 3.0 fan but “he’s been hitting it hard”
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Big Cypress to MSG: 20 years On the Train with Phish

20 years ago I was only casually familiar with the band Phish. I was 20 years old and dating someone who had attended a few shows. Living in the South, having Phish in your neck of the woods doesn’t occur often. Not that I knew that then, but it certainly explains how I wasn’t turned on to them sooner.

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Incendia : More than a Stage


Previously I delved into the underground world of renegade camps at the Hulaween Music Festival. These encampments deep in the camping areas host off-the-bill, late-night secret sets that bring in rising talent who perform to festival goers – often until the break of dawn.

It would be shortsighted to mention Hulaween and secret sets without exploring Incendia, aka the “Fire Domes.”

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