JJ Grey & Mofro: Florida Roots in the Rocky Mountains

Frequently I am asked what kind of music JJ Grey & Mofro is. I always find myself fumbling for words but end up with something like “bluesy, jazzy, Florida Swamp funk.” I am usually met with a perplexed look, and I always add, “You have to go. You have to see for yourself and then you’ll understand.”

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Sitting Next to My Past: The Fated Seat with Suicide

Recently, I was on a flight and my seat was changed at the last moment. It was no biggie, not really where I wanted to sit but it was a short flight. For some reason, when I am on a plane I write. This day in particular, I was writing about my son’s struggles with apraxia and the new findings in his educational report that I was struggling to digest.

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Phish Fans Are Friendly—Until the Tarps Come Out to Save Seats Tempers flare when concert-goers claim whole rows of choice space by throwing giant plastic covers over them. ‘I could not stop thinking—who are “we?”’

**reposted from the Wall Street Journal because I highly doubt I will ever be in the WSJ again**

Nathan Tobey went to a Phish concert hoping to enjoy the medley of song improvisations and laid-back vibes that have drawn followers to the band for more than three decades. Instead, he found himself in the middle of a vicious battle for real estate. Read More

Phish: Big Cypress the Ultimate Music Curveball

Phish Festival.jpg

As a Florida native growing up in the ‘90’s I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by all types of music. I spent my teenage years hopping from clubs, festivals, Lollapalooza, and music in the middle of fields I had seen it all, or so I thought. Enter December 1999, I was invited to go to Phish Big Cypress down in the Everglades for New Years.  I would of course go because it was live music, but I thought the idea of watching the same band for days straight seemed a little dumb, too be honest.

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